Our Thanks and a Sincere Apology!

Russell Stevens

"On behalf of RNDC, I want to send out some huge thanks for the incredible support and excitement with the launch of Redskins Nation Dangerous Crew."

To everyone that has purchased the RNDC “Original”, who posted or reposted shout outs, took pictures, left reviews or talked to friends and family about the Dangerous Crew; the success of the launch would not have been possible without you.

RNDC was created as a rallying point so all Redskins fans could unite under one name as the Dangerous Crew. We as fans, will now have a place and name to recognize the support and devotion we hold for the Washington Redskins. We would like to emphasize our thanks to each and every one of you, the community, for helping make this all possible and believing we could all be a part of something greater! Together, uniting as one, to let the world know who we really are.

This has all just begun, but with so many fans deeply engaged, we have a lot of hope for what the future holds. We as a community, can move forward to forge a path and create more hype and love for the team we all support. Thank you again for helping make this idea into what it has become, the start of something great!

"While on the subject of thanks, we would also like to apologize."

With the launch being as successful as it was, we unfortunately have hit a few snags. We were not expecting such a high level of support right off the bat which has caused a shortage in product. We are working very hard to get more product made and reach the current demand. We are also working on getting the hats finished so that they can be unleashed on the world. Both the RNDC “Original” shirts and RNDC “Dynasty” hats should be in stock soon.

While those are being printed and embroidered, other designs are currently being created and we will have new and exciting things in the near future. Again, we are very sorry we failed to meet demand from the onset, but we are working hard to rectify that issue. We appreciate all the support and we look forward to seeing more from the community! Reach out to us at anytime!


 Redskins Nation Dangerous Crew

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  • Darryn

    The biggest companies in the world run out of stock at times. No need to apologise.

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